The Melchizedek-Rose
Mystery School

The Melchizedek-Rose Mystery School is one of the most ancient Mystery Schools in the Universe.

It provides initiates a solid framework that teaches you how to ACTIVATE your innate divine gifts and abilities that have been lying dormant within your soul for centuries.

The Melchizedek-Rose Mystery School helps bring clarity, divine guidance, balance and infinite abundance in all aspects of your life and teaches you how to be your most authentic, empowered self.


The Divine is seeking its FULLEST expression through YOU and there has never been a more ideal time to get out of your own way!




Meet The Founders

EldoRa Rose Melchizedek & Siman Ra Melchizedek are internationally renowned Ascension Guides and the founders of the ‘Melchizedek-Rose Mystery School’. This project was initiated and is being governed in the higher realms by High Priest Melchizedek, Metatron, Isis, Jeshua, and Mary.

EldoRa & Siman's YouTube channel has received millions of views and inspired thousands of people from all across the globe to step into their path of self-development and mastery!

Having passed through intense ‘Rites of Passage’ initiations, they have activated and fully stepped into their roles as ascension guides, angelic channels, quantum energy healers, spiritual coaches, and shamans.

EldoRa & Siman have dedicated their lives to assist souls to awaken to their divine purpose on Earth.

They assist seekers on their path of self-mastery by helping them access clarity, alignment, and flawless decision-making from their soul’s own unique blueprint.



The Melchizedek-Rose Mystery School is a culmination of multi-dimensional teachings that are sent from the Angelic Realms with the primary intention of teaching initiates how to navigate the challenges of spiritual evolution on the Earth plane.

A Mystery School is a school of LIFE that provides guidelines that can take an individual through all of the steps of soul evolution, from the first steps of awakening, all the way up to enlightenment and ascension.

The word 'mystery' does not mean elitism or secrecy. It simply means that the student must demonstrate a solid grasp of the concepts that are taught to them before the higher level teachings can be revealed. Mystery school teachings are more than just theoretical concepts that can be understood intellectually. They are guidelines that are meant to be fully integrated and practiced in every aspect of your life. It is vital that the student practices what is learned and applies the teachings in their daily lives, otherwise, the higher level teachings would be redundant for them and beyond their grasp.

The Melchizedek-Rose Mystery School is overseen from the higher realms by Melchizedek, Metatron, Isis, Jeshua, and Mary, as well as a host of various angels and Ascended Masters. When a student initiates into this school, they are assigned higher level guides from the ‘Order Of Melchizedek-Rose’ who assist them in every aspect of their spiritual path. Over time, initiates will learn how to activate their extra sensory perceptions, telepathic abilities, channeling, and energy healing gifts. They are taught how to live a balanced life in harmony with nature while amplifying their innate connection with God-Source. The success of students in gaining spiritual prowess is directly correlated to their ability to self-reflect and identify and dissolve limiting belief patterns that are holding them back.

EldoRa & Siman received their Robes of Light as High Priestess/ High Priest in February of 2021 while leading a Shamanic Ceremony in Costa Rica. They have been on a rapid ascension path since the beginning of their spiritual awakening under the direct supervision of higher beings, mainly Metatron, Melchizedek, and ISIS.

A mystery school should not be chosen from a place of fear of missing out or giving power away to a teacher or system. It should only be chosen from a place of inner-knowing that this is what you are drawn to from a soul level, and that you are ready to do your inner work. The aligned system will evoke excitement, enthusiasm, and an inner-knowing that it is right for you. You must be ready to take responsibility for all actions in your life - past, present, and future.

It is your responsibility as an initiate to come to any mystery school and its teachers with respect and honor for the gift that is being offered, but not from the standpoint of giving any teacher a guru-like responsibility for your life. You are here to walk YOUR path of MASTERY, not to be a follower of someone else and make that person your master. To be a true living Ascended Master, you must first master yourself.

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